1. Take care of myself in the best (all) ways possible – mentally, physically and emotionally. I want to finally try out Apple Fitness+ since we pay for it my house as well as find a good therapist. There’s nothing wrong with talking to someone other than the people that know you. I feel like a need a neutral perspective sometimes.

2. Be more present– by putting my phone, computer and iPad down once I am done working. I just got a new MacBook Pro for Christmas so this going to be hard.

3. Improve Work/Life Balance – Take a lunch break while working from home (add to my calendar). Play with my daughter, cook dinner for my family and watch my favorite reality TV shows.

4. Read the Books I order online – I order so many books on Amazon and anticipate their arrival in the mail but I never have time to read them all. I need to set time aside to get back to reading more – it’s one of my favorite ways to escape and relax for a bit.

5. Schedule time to UPDATE MY BLOG MORE! I want to include more OOTD post and How-To’s.

Published by Jinna Loves

I'm a girl that loves fashion, keeping up with celebs and pop culture and being a mom to my favorite girl.

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