I like to believe I have the highest form of self esteem but every woman has days when she doesn’t feel her best – you could’ve had a bad night’s sleep or your aunt flow could be visiting or a stranger could’ve said something not-so-pleasant and pissed you off. To go even deeper, you may have been bullied growing up or experienced your first break-up (friend or significant other) and  may be looking for a boost in the way you feel.  I started writing mantras on sticky notes and hanging them next to my mirror when I experienced a year of hardships.

A mantra is a positive statement or slogan that is repeated frequently. The more positive statements you hear and say out loud, the better your energy and thoughts become. After my year of hardships,  I felt so low and unwanted but then I read an article about your thoughts and the things you say to yourself everyday and how that affects your everyday mood and healing process.

Here are the 5 Mantras I say every morning while doing my hair and makeup:

“I am Enough”

“I am open and receptive to all good”

“I trust that I, and only I, know what’s best for me”

“I am doing the best I can with what I have everyday”

” I am a beautiful work in progress”

Saying these has brought my positive energy back and I hope they can help you out when you’re not feeling so hot.


I know that Mother’s Day has passed but it’s May and I am celebrating my mom and being a mom all month long.

Growing up, I remember shopping for lotions and perfumes with my mom and sitting in Dominican and African hair braiding salons for hours while my mom got her hair did. She taught me from a young age that beauty was important but, not everything, for you to feel good – it’s not everything but it feels good when you feel and look beautiful. I have fond memories of playing dress up at my paternal grandmother’s house on the weekends – she would let me play in whatever I wanted at just 7-years-old (eye shadow, foundation, lotions, perfumes, whatever!).

Grandma was the true MVP growing up LMAO. I learned so much about being a woman, a mom and beauty junky from my mom and the other women around me so I decided to share my best beauty advice from my mom. Here are the best beauty tips I received from my mom growing up:

1. Drink Water

2. Get Enough Sleep at night unless you will have permanent bags under your eyes ( I, unfortunately was born with permanent bags LOL)

3. Take care of your teeth (brush twice a day or after every meal and floss)

4. Wash your face in the morning and at night (make sure your wash your makeup off every night! – this is very important to experience clear skin)

5. Body positivity – Big breast, foreheads and butts run in my family (I always had big breast growing up but since I lost weight I don’t have much of anything Haha) so embrace your body and wear what makes you look and feel good. Be comfortable and love yourself, always.

My mom shared many more tips but the ones above are my favorite and I cannot wait to pass them down to my mini-me, Sierra Giselle 🙂


Whether you are a 80s baby, 90s baby, or apart of generation z, you can and will appreciate the next fall fashion and beauty trends as displayed by fall magazine issues. Three recently released September issues from Vogue, Vogue UK, and Marie Claire are giving me vintage (black) Hollywood beauty vibes and permission for us to rock #tbt ‘fits in the coming fall.

Beyonce rocks a flower crown on the US cover of Vogue which is making history of its own – Anna Wintour gave Beyonce full editorial and creative control of her September issue and choose a young black photographer to capture all of her blackness and beauty.

Zendaya’s Bardot Half bun on Marie Claire makes her look like an old Hollywood actress – so pretty and glamorous.

Rihanna has the most shocking cover of the three because she is wearing skinny retro eyebrows for Vogue UK.


Beyonce Vogue Cover Pregnant Bed Rest Twins

Vogue’s highly anticipated September 2018 issue has arrived, and with it, a beautiful cover staring the Queen, Beyoncé.

This issue is so iconic because it’s black excellence at it’s finest – Queen Bey on the cover for the 4th time looking like a work of art (literally), along with her having complete creative and editorial control – choosing 23-year-old black photographer named Tyler Mitchell. The up-and-coming photographer hails from Atlanta with a degree from the Tisch School of Arts at New York University. He is also the first black photographer to shoot for Vogue in it’s 126-year history. This September issue is the largest of it’s kind too!

The interview took place during the last leg of Beyoncé and Jay-Z OTRII tour and she opened up about her pregnancy with the twins (she suffered from toxemia and had to be on bed rest for a month) and how hard she was on herself about getting back in shape after giving birth.

“I think it’s important for women and men to see and appreciate the beauty in their natural bodies,” Beyoncé said during the interview. “That’s why I stripped away the wigs and hair extensions and used little makeup for this shoot. To this day my arms, shoulders, breasts, and thighs are fuller.”