Fashion month officially kicked off last week in my hometown of New York City as top designers showcase their spring 2019 collections. I love seeing the clothes but enjoy the beauty looks and the inspiration behind them even more. Here are my favorite beauty looks so far:

Tom Ford kicked off fashion week with his models rocking silk head wraps on the runway

Sky-high locs at SheaMoisture  NaturallyCurly Presents Texture on the Runway

Red eye shadow and purple underliner at ARANYANI

Bandu knots and bold lips at Camille Rose Naturals at NaturallyCurly Presents Texture show

Beach Waves at Nana Judy

Bobs and volume at Undra Celeste’s Harlem Fashion Row Show

Braids and vampy lips at Kimberly Goldson’s Harlem Fashion Row Show

Glittery lips at Jeremy Scott

No Makeup Makeup Looks at Noon by Noor

Pretty multi-colored lips at LANYU

Red lips at Mara Hoffman

Tadashi Shoji color-blocked glitter lids

Vampy eyes and lips at Christian Cowan

Frosty eyelids and bold-colored lips at VFILES

Gravity defying blue hair at VFILES



Kim Kardashian West is being mommy shamed again… This time for doing what all moms do – allow their daughter’s to straighten their hair when they reach a certain milestone. That’s right, KKW is being shamed for allowing North West to step out with a straight ponytail on her 5th birthday Friday, June 15th.

I remember the first time I got my hair straightened (with a hot comb, before I gave into the creamy crack) it was for my 10th birthday and I begged my mom to let me wear it lose with a headband instead of in pigtails like a little girl. I was experiencing my rite of passage as black girl and so is Northie.

Recently, I took my curly-haired 4-year-old daughter to Milk and Cookies Kids Spa to get a braided hairstyle and in order for this to happen, the beautician had to wash, conditon, and then blow dry the hair straight so that it was easier to braid. My baby girl loved her hair straight and I would do it again when she’s much older because I love her curls. Selfish, I know…

Kim straightening North’s hair is no big deal to me because the girls in this family are known for their slick, straight, mermaid-like hair.

Let Northie enjoy being a 5-year-old and leave Kim alone! She’s doing what mommies do for their little girls. I would do the same!