I came across an article featuring these funny oven mitts for those that like to curse or have a little fun when they’re cheffing-it-up in the kitchen:

All of these oven mitts can be found on alwaysfits.com. 



Hi Jinna Lovers! So, I wanted to start a new section of the blog called “Ask Jinna” where you can learn more about me on a personal level. Since I am obsessed with Us Weekly, I decided to make a list of 25 things you don’t know about me (like UsWeekly does with my favorite celebs). I hope you guys enjoy getting to know me and I hope you enjoy this new section of the blog.

Let’s get started Lovers!

  1. My favorite person in the world is my 3 year old daughter Sierra Giselle
  2. My favorite movies growing up were Aladdin, BeBe’s Kids, and The Lion King
  3. Monopoly is my all-time favorite board game
  4. I love to sing
  5. I am so shy about singing in front of others
  6. I used to dance growing up but, now I cannot feel the beat (really sucks!)
  7. I almost drowned at the Beach when I was 12 years old and I’ve had a deep fear of water since
  8. My favorite vacation was to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
  9. I’ve had one sunburn my entire life
  10. I hate 90+ degree weather
  11. My favorite artists are Monica, Beyonce, Drake, and Bruno Mars (at the moment)
  12. I always wanted a pet rabbit growing up
  13. I’ve seen Beyonce so many times I cannot recount them all
  14. My favorite cousin is named Rashad (he could pass for my little brother because we look so much alike)
  15. I love trying out new recipes
  16. I am addicted to buying magazines and books
  17. My favorite store is CVS
  18. I love Cheeseburgers and Mac and Cheese
  19. I love ALL Sweet things (especially ice cream and candy!)
  20. I love old school R&B music
  21. My name is Virginia after my paternal grandmother
  22. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother from my mother and shit load of other siblings from my dad
  23. My go-to drink at a bar is Vodka and Cranberry
  24. I love living in New York City
  25. I want to live/move to California before I’m 35 (I know you’re wondering if I’m close to this age….)



Hi all my wonderful readers and followers! I know, I know, I’m late but, Happy 2017!
I just wanted to take time to apologize for the lack of post this year… I’ve been going through some really personal stuff (that I will probably blog about on a later date) and I haven’t had time to sit down and write anything.
No worries, look out for a new and improved JinnaLoves.com coming real soon – new blog post with new content. I want to try something new and I hope you guys like it. I want to add a personal touch to the blog and not just post about celeb looks I love and wish I could afford lol.
Thanks again for sticking around and I promise bomb ass post and brand new content. Just give me a sec to organize myself and my mind. To be honest, I love fashion and writing about fashion, and last night’s Met Gala made me want to get back to this blog I love so much.
Look out for a new look and post soon!
With Love,
Jinna 🙂