November is hands down my favorite month of the year! The weather is crisp but not too chilly and the leaves fall off the trees so beautifully. Why November? I’m glad you asked because here’s a list of my favorite things about November:

It’s my FAVORITE person in the world’s Birthday is this month (my daughter, Sierra Giselle) – My life changed forever and for the better when I had my mini-me at 3:36 on November 7, 2013. I still cannot believe she turns five years old today. YIKES. Happy Birthday baby girl 🙂

So, my daughter was born two weeks before MY birthday. Do I really need to elaborate on this one. HAHA. (This year, and many years in the past, my birthday has landed on Thanksgiving!)

As mentioned above, my birthday falls on Thanksgiving this year and I am beyond excited because it’s my favorite holiday. My favorite day and favorite holiday equals me in heaven for the day 🙂

Holiday gatherings – Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving (I consider my close friends family)

Sweater weather – You cannot go wrong with a cozy sweater that fits your body well. It’s perfect to wear with a light jacket or a heavier one for when temps drop outside.

FOOD and SWEET POTATO PIE (My favorites! I love Thanksgiving food and desserts and I save all my really bad eating days for this time of the year.)



I absolutely love the month of November! It’s my birth month and my favorite Holiday is Thanksgiving because I get to spend time with my family and friends.There is nothing like being around those that you love and love you back. Besides all of that, albums are dropping this month too: Drake’s ‘Take Care’ s drops tomorrow and Rihanna’s ‘Talk That Talk’ will hit iTunes on November 21st. What are you looking forward to, besides the ending of Midterms? Let me know. Hope that everyone has a great month!

I heard this album and he has some good tracks on here!