I am a Sagittarius and I love reading and learning all about myself and why I do the things that I do. Horoscope apps and instagram accounts have helped me to better understand my world and different parts of my personality. Some Horoscope instagram accounts are strangely accurate and others are hilarious. I be LMAO at the memes that come from these accounts. Are you into astrology? What’s your sign and which accounts do you enjoy following on Instagram?

Co-Star is a pretty cool app that’s always on point – from my moon, sun and rising signs to be accurate about how my day is going to go

The Daily Horoscope – this is great for people that like to read their horoscope everyday. I am one of those people!

Glossy Zodiac – This account is always accurate and funny as hell when talking about my horoscope. SAG Gang!! LOL

The Pattern – I have this app on my phone and get daily notifications about what to expect for the day, in 2 weeks and months from now based on my astrology sign, rising, moon and sun signs. It’s really great!

Sagittarius Years Old – this account is too funny and super accurate. I’m quite sure there are many account on instagram that you can find specifically for your horoscope. Please find one and witness the accuracy LOL!!

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I'm a girl that loves fashion, keeping up with celebs and pop culture and being a mom to my favorite girl.

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