Vanessa Simmons launched her very own lingerie line called Rose by Vanessa Jean. The 28-year-old reverend’s daughter and successful entrepreneur, said that her goal is “to provide women with comfortable, stylish and sexy lingerie no matter what shape or size they are.” Her collection features three sub-themed styles for women to choose from. The themes are called: Naughty Lil’ Princess, Rock Your Sexy and Vintage Chic.

Naughty Lil Princess are for those women that enjoy classic pieces such as lingerie with diamond and bridal inspired embellishments; Rock Your Sexy is for the outgoing woman that isn’t afraid to express her sexuality; and you can think of sexy women such as Mariyln Monroe and Sophia Loren when it comes to Vintage Chic. Vintage Chic equals old hollywood.

Her collection sounds interesting and I would definitely try a piece from each of the themes. What do you guys think? Are you going to support Vanessa Simmons’ collection? Let me know your thoughts!

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