Many of us girls love Coco Chanel and many of you may know all there is to know about the late designer. Biographer Lisa Chaney will provide plenty of juicy bits of Coco Chanel’s life in her upcoming book, Coco Chanel: An Intimate Life. Here three facts that will be proven true in the book about Coco Chanel’s life:

1. She was Bisexual

2. She was a frequent drug user

3. Her German lover was a Nazi Spy

I love Coco Chanel, she was beautiful and classy just like her designs. I will pick up this book when it hits the book shelves. Will you read this biography?

Published by Jinna Loves

I'm a girl that loves fashion, keeping up with celebs and pop culture and being a mom to my favorite girl.


  1. Oh I love Coco Chanel – Just like you. All her amazing quotes.
    I haven’t heard about the book coming up, but yes sir! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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