4 Fragrances I Always Get Compliments On

I have loved the sweet smells of fragrances. I remember my mother having so many perfumes on her dresser when I was growing up and sneaking to sniff and spray them every time my mother was in the shower or I was home from school alone. Also I fell in love with perfumes when I would go to my paternal grandmother’s on the weekends – not only did she let me try all of her lotions and powders but, she also let me wear lip stick around the house – things I wasn’t allowed to do at home. Aren’t grandmothers (and moms) the best?! What fragrances do you wear and get compliments on? I’m always looking for the next best fragrance!

Marc Jacobs Perfect – I am a HUGE fan of Marc Jacobs fragrances – Daisy used to be my favorite one until this one came along. It’s light and sweet smelling. My favorite notes to smell on my skin!

Marc Jacob’s Daisy – Do I need to say anymore? I mentioned that these fragrances are my favorite above LOL.

You by Glossier – Even though I’ve heard a lot of negative things about this company in last yer or so concerning the treatment of Black employees, I honestly get the most compliments when I wear this fragrance since it blends in with your natural scent to create your own unique scent that smells like YOU! I hope that this company learns from their mistakes and learn to treat black employees and creatives fair!

Riktor & Rolf’s Flower Bomb Ruby Orchid – People usually ask me what I’m wearing when I wear the original Flower Bomb fragrance so I was not surprised that this new scent was going to be a hit as well.

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