People can spot a confident woman out of any crowd and confidence starts with believing in yourself and wearing things and saying things to yourself to help you feel this way. I struggle with confidence some days but I’ve also found stylish ways that have helped me communicate that I’m a confident women. Below are my 4 stylish tips to communicate confidence. I may not being feel hot one day but as soon as I follow one of my tips below, my outlook on the day changes and I walk out of my house feeling confident! What are some tips you use to communicate your confidence? 

Wear Your favorite fragrance – My favorite fragrances to wear right now are You by Glossier and Perfect by Marc Jacobs

Wear You Favorite Lipstick – My favorites are by NARS, MAC and Fenty Beauty

Wear A Cute Pair of Shoes/Boots – Right now I love rocking my black boots from MadewellThe Julien Lace-up Lugsole Boot. This has been my favorite boot purchase and I will be wearing them to events all winter long. You can wear them with jeans, a long dress, a short skirt and sweater, and many other ways.

 Get Festive – I love wearing my long necklaces from Bauble Bar and Forever 21. Their pieces are affordable and can make any outfit look cooler. I add rings too.

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I'm a girl that loves fashion, keeping up with celebs and pop culture and being a mom to my favorite girl.

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