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Weapon of mass distraction! Kim Kardashian showed off her curves in camo as she posed beside an airplane on board the USS San Diego in Dubai

Hello boys: Taking a break from promoting her latest perfume in the nightclubs of Dubai, the reality star decided to do her bit for morale

Selfie time! Professional poser Kim showed her patriotism by talking to (and posing with) delighted servicemen and women aboard the USS San Diego

One lucky soldier: There were kisses for a chosen few on the reality star's visit as she toured the aircraft carrier stationed in Abu Dhabi

Flying high! The reality star and her fans pose beside two helicopters with those far away craning their necks to get a look

Patriotic pin-up: A proud sailor shows off the vehicles to Kim Kardashian on her guided tour of the aircraft carrier

The perfect photo op:  Kim climbed on top of a tank for a snap as she gave a salute to the cameras

And the whole crew: The reality star brought her glam squad along for the fun and they happily joined in for the photos

A man in uniform: Kim was happy to pose alongside several troops on the aircraft carrier which had just returned from South Africa

Reality star: Kim appeared down to earth as she happily chatted and joked with the servicemen and women on board USS San Diego

All aboard: The star tottered onto USS San Diego in a pair of towering strappy heels which matched her nude and olive green outfit


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