I know, I know I did a post about my favorite things from the 1990s before, but I’ve been hearing tunes and watching shows from this decade lately. As a result, I decided to dedicate a post to all the things that I miss about the 90s. After all, I’m a 80s baby and I grew up in the 90s, I just wish that the young generation today had the things that we grew up with. From music groups, to TV shows, check out what I’m missing from the 1990s below:


I really miss SWV! “Weak” is one of my favorite songs! When I was in third grade, my friends and I was going to perform “Weak” for show-and-tell, but of course, I got stage freight (sorry ladies)…. If I could turn back time I would sing the song for my class. LoL.

Who doesn’t remember Xscape’s song “Understanding”?? I remember singing this song with my mom and sisters. Memories 🙂

This album was THE SHIT!!! One of my favorite Destiny’s Child albums!

What can I say about Boyz II Men? The radio still plays “End of the Road”.

This is another one of my favorite albums!!! Dru Hill is my favorite male group!

We all know “Cupid”, right?? Love 112!

TV Shows: 

*Singing* Moe to the E to the…. I loved watching Brandy play Moesha. Kim, Niecy and Hakim were hilarious side kicks!

This is my favorite TV sitcom!!! Anytime I need a laugh, I watch one of these DVDs. So FUNNY!

When my sisters visit me, we always have a good time watching The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Will Smith is so FUNNY on this show. LoL.

As a kid all I looked forward to T.G.I.F on ABC to watch Family Matters! I was rooting for Steve and Laura! LoL.

Saved by the Bell!! This show displayed what High School is all about!

What do you guys miss from the 90s? Do you have a favorite show, music group or song from the 90s? Please share your thoughts!

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