These past 12 months were filled with great fashion moments and faux pas. Here are my top six most memorable style moments of the year 2011:

1. Lady Gaga celebrated on the dance floor at this year’s CFDA Awards. Critics were upset that she won the Fashion Icon Award from the CFDA. She knows how to keep people talking about her style as she wore a sheer body suit and a green wig to accept her award.

2. Jennifer Aniston cut her hair and she wore an orange dress to an event. She is known for her signature blond shoulder length hair, and for always wearing black on the red carpet. Glad to see her switch up her style!

3. Rihanna is someone that switches up her style every time she drops a new album, so I wasn’t surprised when she wore this daring Jean Paul Gaultier dress to this year’s Grammys. She left very little to everyone’s imagination.

4. Pippa Middleton stole the show at Prince William’s and Kate Middleton’s royal wedding with her slinky Alexander McQueen dress. Although older sister Kate was the bride and she looked beautiful, people were whispering about her little sister’s  fab body in that dress!

5. Lindsay Lohan had a tough year with her probation and other legal issues. She had so many court dates and couldn’t quite gasp the proper fashions to wear. Lindsay wore everything from proper polka dots, skintight white, to cleavage baring black tops. I hope that 2012 will be a better year for this troubled young lady. I believe that she can make a come back!

6. Beyoncé was booed when she wore this Pucci dress to the Met Gala on May 2nd. The gown was super tight and she was unable to pose and take pictures. Her hubby and stylist had to help her up the stairs to the event. Even though she couldn’t move in this dress she looked gorge!

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I'm a girl that loves fashion, keeping up with celebs and pop culture and being a mom to my favorite girl.

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