10 years ago the music industry lost the beautiful, talented and unique, 22 year old, Aaliyah. I will never forget the night that she died. I was sitting at the table with my mom and sisters,  eating a late night snack as we watched Eyewitness News. The TV screen flashed a headline that stated, her plane went down leaving the Bahamas. She died along with 8 others. I was so sad that night. I played her tunes and watched her videos, all day, the next day. She was a young singer that admired as a young girl.

My favorite tunes of hers are: “Rock the Boat”, “One In A Million”, “Try Again”, “Miss You”, “I Care 4 U”, “At Your Best” (Remix), “The One I Gave My Heart To”, “Choosey Lover”, and “A Girl Like You”.

My favorite videos are: “At Your Best” (Remix), “Rock the Boat”, “More Than A  Woman”, “Try Again”, “Four Page Letter”, and “Come Back In One Piece”

I enjoyed her singing, dancing and her style. The fashion world embraced her tomboy meets sexy style. She even appeared in one of Tommy Hilfiger Ads.

Aaliyah was one in a million, and she is missed by many. I wanted to see her grow as a woman, I remember her appearing on 106 & Park, wearing a tight leather outfit. She was turning into a woman and leaving the tom boy style in the past. I wonder what her music would’ve have been like if she were still alive and how many movies she would’ve appeared in.

Sleep in peace, Aaliyah. I love you!


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