3 thoughts on “My 90’s Favorites!

  1. Eye Foreign Eye says:

    MONICA! Talking about real things that REAL 15 year olds go through. She was my absolute favorite with her “bowl” cut and long acrylic nails.
    Loved Brandy, of course. I had her braids. That’s when weaving it up and “burning the ends” of your extensions was hot.
    I have the Martin DVD sets!
    Fresh Prince- NEED.
    I have the 10’s!
    Whatever happened to “Lisa Turtle”? Lmao!
    Great post!
    Just reminded me of: Aaliyah, TLC, Total, Xscape, LA Gears, Nautica jackets in Blue/Red/Yellow. Sigh.. Memories 🙂

  2. Sojo says:

    Hey VA!

    That was my comment above. Lol..! It looks like WordPress synced my email with my old blog that I had last semester for my class project on immigration (hence the name “Eye Foreign Eye”.)

    Hehe. What a trip.


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